New Business Outreach

The Harrison Chamber of Commerce is actively seeking new and proper sized as well as appropriate types of businesses to consider space in downtown Harrison. Letter writing campaigns, surveys, and outreach are all constructive ways to extend our town to those businesses we would like to see take join our community.

Logistics and Infrastructure

Awnings, sidewalks, planters, streetscapes, and more are all vital elements of the downtown business district, which have a direct effect on businesses. Attractive infrastructure, cleanup of vacant storefronts, proposed parking areas, etc. can have a big impact not only on existing businesses but for those companies that are considering moving to Harrison. The Beatification Committee plays a role within this committee. 


Dues are just one way that the Chamber of Commerce can collect the necessary funding to be spent on mutually agreeable areas of concern. Other money generating plans to be considered include sponsorships, appeals, fundraisers, donations, special events and grants. 

Networking and Special Events

Networking meetings hosted by local merchants to spotlight their businesses offer a casual gathering opportunity in a relaxed atmosphere. Meet other Harrison business owners, share experiences and ideas, and network yourself and your business. Connect with other entrepreneurs, leaders and executives and help your business grow.

In addition to Networking meetings, the Harrison Chamber of Commerce plans to actively hold events throughout the year to showcase our community and create awareness of our unique Town-Village, and its many wonderful businesses and community activities that make Harrison such a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Women and Minority Owned Businesses

The Small Business Administration (SBA) of the US Government has programs dedicated to minority and women owned businesses. You may be entitled to receive help with development and growth of business, one-to-one counseling, training workshops, and management and technical guidance. The government program also provides access to government contracting opportunities, allowing businesses to become solid competitors in the federal marketplace. Applying for business grants allows you to tap into the resources of organizations that promote female and minority entrepreneurship.