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The Beginnings of Harrison Legend says, Harrison was established in 1696 when a local Indian chief named Pathungo sold Mr. John Harrison as much land as he could cover in one day while riding on horseback. Not wanting to get his horse’s feet wet, Harrison marked the boundaries for a future landlocked town, which is … Read more

The Harrison Chamber of Commerce supports I Heart Harrison and will be at Wilding Park (behind A&P Shopping Center) on June 7th to help bring new life to the park.  We hope to see many of our local merchants there as well!  

Since their inception, Chambers of Commerce have advocated for business interests in their area on the grounds that a healthy, growing business environment is good for the entire community. A growing economy generates jobs, increases income, improves home value, etc. However, the sad thing is that, quite often, the Chamber is perceived as being pro … Read more