2/27/08 Planning Board Meeting RE Avalon Bay – How will this project affect YOUR business?

The HCOC would like to remind our members and all local businesses that there will be a Planning Board meeting on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 starting at 7:30pm in the Town Hall to discuss the upcoming Avalon Bay project.

We urge you all to come find out how this project, its construction phases and completed development may impact your business.

Below is one question and answer from the final draft by FEIS, as well as a link to the complete set of documents pertaining to the Avalon Bay project at Halstead Ave. https://www.harrison-ny.gov/planning-board/events/24873

Comment A1: Do you project any ideas of what type of retail you see? Is that open for whoever is interested in it? Are you trying to get a market in there, a franchise? (Public Hearing #1, Nonie Reich, Harrison Planning Board Member, 1/9/17, pg. 26)

Response A1: The market will determine the commercial uses, although it is currently anticipated that approximately half of the Project’s commercial space will be leased for a variety of food and beverage uses, including restaurants and cafes. The restaurant/cafe uses are intended to be complemented by service-oriented retailers such as salons, boutiques, fitness, and potentially a small format market/grocer. Having a mix of complimentary commercial uses will create a vibrant, walkable downtown. It is anticipated that the commercial tenants will be a blend of national and local merchants and restaurateurs.